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Upcoming Events

*** CANCELLED, sorry *** KaraUke at The Raven Tower Bridge

Date: 3 April 2020   Time: 20:00 - 22:30

Join us in the basement of the Raven, Tower Bridge. Don't be fooled by that front room with the island bar. We are there, it's not a prank. You have to walk in from the front, grab a drink at the island bar as there's no bar downstairs, then make your way down to our sexy-live-band-karaoke-sound-system-dungeon.

The concept is simple:
You sing and we play the ukuleles/drums/bass.
Bring yourself, your voice and some cash for food and drink at the bar.

Join us at either 7pm for chicken or 8-11pm(ish) for singing.

The Raven is a brilliant new bar, which is really close to the iconic Tower Bridge, on the south side. It has 26 beers on tap, delicious rotisserie chicken, and, should you need it, they have a pool hall upstairs. We are in the basement, downstairs.

If you’ve not been before...

  • yes, they do food and booze.
  • yes, they do take card payments.
  • yes, we do provide the words, the music and backing vocals. If you get lost, we’ll help you out.
  • yes, this is a FREE event. You do not need a ticket, just bring yourself and your voice ;)


The Raven
218 Tower Bridge Road